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      The Latest News

          Jiangyan Modern Ruihe Machine Fabrication Co., Ltd., lies in the Economic Development Zone of Jiangyan City, in Jiangsu Province of China, is a joint venture between China and Korean.

        It's specially engaged in production of industrial washer, clothes dryer, centrifugal dehydrator, jeans wear sander, hand brush machine, petroleum dry cleaner from 10 kilograms to 700 kilograms, double-purpose machine with washing and dewatering, ironing device and subsequent arrangement device. At the same time, our company could supply clients with OEM and product parts processing business. In recent years, our company has vigorously been investing in research and development, and has been insisting on providing the most perfect products for masses of clients.

      The factory provid…
      Ironing machine se…
      Dry grinder series
      Sander series
      Hand brush machine…
      Portrait machine
      Dirt removal board
      Leather clamping m…
      Petroleum dry clea…
      Elutes the dual pu…
      Dryer series
      Dehydrator series
      Washer series
      Contact Person:Lu jianming,013901420707
      Address:Qianma Industrial Park, Economic Development Zone of Jiangyan City, Jiangsu Province.
      E-mail:[email protected]

      Copyright: Jiangyan modern Ruihe Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
      Sales Hotline: 0523-88819858 ( 0 ): 13901420707 Fax : 0523-88819856 address: [email protected]

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